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About Us

Who is Web Accessibility Solutions?

Robert Carr, he has been a web developer for eight years, over the last five years he has been increasingly focused on web accessibility.

What is his experience?

Robert has a BSc in Biology and Diploma in Internet Application Development.

Previously, he worked closely with one of the Big 5 Canadian Banks. The work included testing and auditing web applications for web accessibility and solved accessibility issue.

He is currently doing the same things at one of Canada’s largest broadcasters.

He has taken the following courses on web accessibility:

WCAG 2.0: Understanding the Web Content Accessibility @ Eliquo

Understanding Web Accessibility @ OCAD

Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy @ Ryerson

WebAIM: Web Accessibility Training @ Utah State University

Web Accessibility By Google @ Udacity

Why is Accessibility vital to him?

As a child with a learning disability, computers were a saving grace, and he’d like to help others benefit in the same way he was able too.