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About Us

Who is Web Accessibility Solutions?

Robert Carr, he has been a web developer for 8 years, over the last 5 years he has been increasingly focused on web accessibility.

What is his experience?

Robert has a BSc in Biology and Diploma in Internet Application Development. He currently tests applications and solves accessibility issue for one of the Big 5 Bank in Canada. He has taken the following courses on web accessibility:

WCAG 2.0: Understanding the Web Content Accessibility @ Eliquo

Understanding Web Accessibility @ OCAD

Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy @ Ryerson

WebAIM: Web Accessibility Training @ Utah State University

Web Accessibility By Google @ Udacity

Why is Accessibility important to him?

As a child with a learning disability, computers were a saving grace, he’d like to help others benefit in the same way he was able too.